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Day Trip to Lake Tahoe

Video Note: To skip to Lake Tahoe, go to 2:56. One of the joys of living in Sacramento is that I’m two hours away from Lake Tahoe. Although smoke did impact the lake at times during the course of the month-long battle against the King Fire, a spokesperson for the Eldorado National Forest said the […]

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Thumb Butte Hike

One of the most popular hiking trails in the Prescott area is a less than 10-minute drive from downtown. The iconic rock formation at the top of this trail is Thumb Butte. Since the Yavapai lived in the area, they have used the rock as a defense settlement. Now, the rock caters toward hikers and […]

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French Language Hacking IV

This is the last video in my French language hacking series. It’s been an incredible month here in Quebec seeing the province and learning French. Overall, I would say that my conversation level improved to be on par with my Spanish, which isn’t that great. In fact, I have more trouble understanding French speakers than […]

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Spanish Language Hacking – Part III

Hola from Antigua! I am going to be honest. I haven’t spoken only in Spanish for about four days. It’s been difficult for me because I’ve been staying in hostels where the majority of guests speak nothing but English. I’m going to try and go back to speaking only Spanish tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the […]

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Spanish Language Hacking II – My House

Hello from Xela. In an earlier video, I said I would take a break on Sunday and write in English. However, I continue to only speak in Spanish. In this video, I introduce my house. I didn’t write a script, but I did rehearse what I was going to say a few times before recording. […]

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