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Central America Budget

After four months in Central America, I spent a total of $3,692.21. The total probably would have been cheaper had I not chosen to stay so far away from Guatemala City in my last week in the country. The taxi fares averaged about $45 (Q360) for round trip. Along with the distance, I also had […]

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End Trip Budget

I should probably keep a better eye on the budget. After traveling seven weeks on the West Coast, I went over budget by $51.88. The biggest expense was food, which took up 29 percent of my budget. Had I followed my advice and ate Subway or fast food every night, I probably could have brought […]

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One-Month Budget Breakdown

Today marks exactly four weeks since I started traveling from Wichita. I’ll be honest. I haven’t kept to my budget, and San Diego was among some of the worst of my budget overloading. So, how does everything stack up? Arizona (Two weeks) – Prescott, Grand Canyon, Phoenix Flight: $110.90 Local Transportation: $79.64 (Gas, Shuttle from […]

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