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The Cruel Crow

I’ve never contemplated murder until now. It’s not an act against a person, but an evil, sadistic rooster that enjoys tormenting me every night for hours. The rooster begins crowing at 2 a.m. It sounds nothing like the “cock-a-doodle-doo” in kids books. This is a piercing scream that I’m quite certain is on par with […]

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Gibnut, a.k.a. "royal rat."

Eating a Royal Rat

I can now say that I have eaten rat. But before getting grossed out, realize that the gibnut (also known as a paca) is a local delicacy in Belize. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II was served gibnut during her 1985 visit. That’s why the oversized rodent is now known as royal rat in Belize. When […]

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Students of Berkeley

When I first arrived in Berkeley, I walked straight to the campus. Students were moving to their next class, and the bells from Sather Tower sounded. I headed to Sproul Plaza, which is an area for student groups and organizers trying to recruit volunteers or spectators for their events. But I also found a group […]

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Dog Days in Balboa Park

While I was in San Diego, I spent half of the day walking through Balboa Park. My personal walking tour started off of 6th Avenue and Juniper Road where I saw several people walking their dogs. I made my east along El Prado, snapping pictures of bikers, California Tower and the Bea Evenson Fountain. It […]

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Dancing in the Streets of Dangriga: Settlement Day 2012

On a whim, I went to Dangriga, Belize. This is a sleepy town that isn’t much bigger than my hometown of Haysville, Kansas. But Dangriga is a major city in Belize. Haysville was a suburb. Dangriga was buzzing with excitement from the moment I arrived. Several Belizean tourists were in town for Settlement Day, a […]

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