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The Belle of Louisville is the country's oldest operating steam ship.

Walking along Louisville’s Waterfront

You can call Louisville “The Ville” or “Derby City,” but Louisville is also known as the “River City.” Downtown is nestled along the Ohio River right next to the Falls of the Ohio, the only natural barrier for barge traffic along the entire waterway. But unless you plan to sail or canoe through the McAlpine […]

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Where I’m Going

A lot of people have been asking me lately where I’m going on my two trips. I like to think of myself as a spontaneous person, so I hate to make plans just to break them later. But here’s what I’m thinking right now: West Coast Tour – Seven weeks Start Date: 9/12/12 Budget: $1,400 […]

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Katie spent three years teaching in Beijing

Teaching English in China

Because I won’t be leaving on my backpacking trip to Central America until November, I asked my friend Katie to write a guest post about her three years in China. She taught English in Beijing and writes about cultural differences, her time in class and the “insulting” and humorous moment she realized she understood Chinese: […]

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Sarah Davis holds fire during a dancing performance at Sub Rosa.

Inside Louisville’s underground art community

One of the things that I have always loved about Louisville is that the city never tries to be anything but itself. Sure, you can go do the typical tourist things, but there are a lot of amazing artists who are wanting their songs, poems or comedy to be heard. On the fourth Friday of […]

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It’s official

It’s official. There’s no more talking about planning for me; I’m actually getting ready to do what I’ve been planning for the last 11 months: travel. This week, I gave my notice at work. That means I leave Louisville on September 1. After that, I plan to go home to Kansas for a few weeks […]

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