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O Canada! Why I’m Going to the Great White North

For those of you who don’t know, I’m heading to Canada in two days. This is my first time visiting the American neighbor to the north, and I’m excited to finally get a taste of winter (although in my defense, it gets cold at night in Guatemala). I had originally debated going back to the […]

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Antigua, Guatemala Budget Guide

Most likely if you go to Guatemala, you’re going to go to Antigua. Love it or hate it, this is the home-base for most travelers when they’re here. It may be pricier than Lago de Atitlán, and it’s definitely full of many more tourists than Guatemala City or Xela, but that’s Antigua. The city is […]

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Traveler’s Diarrhea and How to Handle It

Let’s face it. This is a disgusting topic, but more than likely if you travel to a developing country, you’re going to have a few bouts with traveler’s diarrhea or other intestinal bugs. Prevention – Visit a travel clinic before you travel – In my case, the doctor wrote me a prescription that I could […]

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Louisville skyline - Fall 2009

Backpacker’s Guide to Louisville

Louisville is a city that isn’t trying to be anything but itself, and that’s why you should visit. More than just the home of the Kentucky Derby, visitors can take steamboat trips on the Ohio River, delve into the history of Thomas Edison (who lived there for two years), dine at some local staples or […]

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Spanish Language Hacking – Recap

The last 30 days I attempted to speak only in Spanish. I failed after five days, but I still had a long conversation in Spanish with someone each day. I’m nowhere close to being fluent, but I still made a lot of progress from being only able to say “¡Hola!” “¡Adios!” and “Sí” three months […]

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