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Thumb Butte Hike

One of the most popular hiking trails in the Prescott area is a less than 10-minute drive from downtown. The iconic rock formation at the top of this trail is Thumb Butte. Since the Yavapai lived in the area, they have used the rock as a defense settlement. Now, the rock caters toward hikers and […]

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Dangers of hiking Camelback Mountain

I think the rules of hiking should be laid out for people like me. The first rule of hiking: Don’t wear Vans. The second rule of hiking: Don’t wear Vans. This and other examples showed my inexperience in hiking Camelback Mountain, and if it weren’t for a couple of hikers, a park ranger and my […]

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Prescott Pictures

Tomorrow, I leave for Phoenix after spending two weeks in Prescott. Here’s what I captured downtown and at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Enjoy!

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Animal interaction at Grand Canyon

The last time I went to the Grand Canyon was seven years ago. The trip was family oriented; my dad, grandparents and brother were with me as we hung out at South Rim for a few hours. This time, it was just my Dad and me, along with the elk and bighorn sheep who decided to […]

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