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Spanish Language Hacking – Part III

Hola from Antigua! I am going to be honest. I haven’t spoken only in Spanish for about four days. It’s been difficult for me because I’ve been staying in hostels where the majority of guests speak nothing but English. I’m going to try and go back to speaking only Spanish tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the […]

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Robbed in Xela, Guatemala

I’ve done a lot of stupid things on this Central American trip, but I’m surprised on the one night where I didn’t do anything wrong, that’s the night I get robbed. There isn’t much to do at the house where I’m living. Because I’m trying to do everything in Spanish, I don’t even have a […]

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Spanish Language Hacking II – My House

Hello from Xela. In an earlier video, I said I would take a break on Sunday and write in English. However, I continue to only speak in Spanish. In this video, I introduce my house. I didn’t write a script, but I did rehearse what I was going to say a few times before recording. […]

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Spanish Language Hacking Experiment

Tonight is the last night in a month that I’ll be speaking in English. After this, all conversation will be in Spanish. It’s part of a language hacking experiment that I’m trying. The goal is to become conversational in a month. This video is the first of weekly videos that will show my progress. Enjoy! […]

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Downtown Reno River Walk

Reno has a much calmer vibe than Las Vegas. Yes, you can still gamble, but the benefits of being in this city is the beauty. The city is 30 minutes away from Lake Tahoe, but there are still some pristine spots around the city that I found in October. I started downtown by the Truckee […]

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