Spanish Language Hacking II – My House

Hello from Xela. In an earlier video, I said I would take a break on Sunday and write in English. However, I continue to only speak in Spanish.

In this video, I introduce my house. I didn’t write a script, but I did rehearse what I was going to say a few times before recording. Still, I made three mistakes, including one very noticeable error at the end of the video.

Slowly, I’m getting better at Spanish. Although I am taking a class, I’m trying to get comfortable with the vocabulary before I focus on grammar. In addition, I apologize for my heavy use of fillers in the video. Remember, Spanish isn’t my first language.

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2 Responses to “Spanish Language Hacking II – My House”

  1. This is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!! Thank you! Looks like you’re learning a lot from your travels! I can’t wait to do a trip like this myself one day! Best of luck!

  2. Ryan you are doing so well, it’s great that you’re really immersing yourself like this. You’ll get so much more out of your experience this way. Keep it up!