French Language Hacking IV

This is the last video in my French language hacking series. It’s been an incredible month here in Quebec seeing the province and learning French.

Overall, I would say that my conversation level improved to be on par with my Spanish, which isn’t that great. In fact, I have more trouble understanding French speakers than I do Spanish speakers. However, I made a breakthrough in the last two days. I’m now able to understand short simple sentences that I wasn’t able to comprehend before.

Also, reading is a lot easier. Over the past few days, I’ve been researching Cambodia and Vietnam for my trip to Southeast Asia. The books I chose were in French. While I can’t understand the reading material yet word-for-word, I’m understanding 90 percent of it. That’s what’s important.

This past month has also taught me that in order to learn a language properly, you should commit three months to it. I feel that just as I’m making progress, I’m leaving Quebec too soon. However, it’s OK. I still plan to study online while I’m gone. Hopefully, my French will get much better than what you’ve seen in this and the past three videos.

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