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Spanish Language Hacking Experiment

Tonight is the last night in a month that I’ll be speaking in English. After this, all conversation will be in Spanish. It’s part of a language hacking experiment that I’m trying. The goal is to become conversational in a month. This video is the first of weekly videos that will show my progress. Enjoy! […]

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The Mayan Ceremony for the New B’ak’tun

The spiritual energy was in the air last night. For the first time in 394 years, the Mayans in Guatemala brought in a new b’ak’tun. Ceremonies were held across the country, and in San Pedro la Laguna was no exception. That afternoon, the locals unveiled a replica of a Mayan freize, then played music with […]

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Eating a Royal Rat

I can now say that I have eaten rat. But before getting grossed out, realize that the gibnut (also known as a paca) is a local delicacy in Belize. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II was served gibnut during her 1985 visit. That’s why the oversized rodent is now known as royal rat in Belize. When […]

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