When to tell work about your plans

One of the things aspiring travelers have to think about is when to tell their employers about their desire to leave the office. This takes a lot of analysis of your office politics when you think is the right time to tell your boss, “I’m quitting.”

I’ve read people giving anything from six months to only two weeks. In my case, I gave a year notice. I was asked to produce a different show at my employer. It was the first offer for advancement in the company in the 2 ½ years I had spent there. Unfortunately, that meant moving back to the night shift.

Rather than spend my days as a cranky vampire,I turned down the job on the spot and told my boss that I was going to finish my contract and travel. I think the news was alarming at first, I know that he now supports my decision. It’s nice to have that sort of environment.


However, I know that not every workplace is like mine. Some people are worried that if they would be so open they would get fired on the spot. Most people reading this post are probably either long-term travelers or hope to be. It’s better to have a little bit of money than no money at all. Be smart; don’t quit your job on the spot. Set a savings goal, meet it, then hand in your two-weeks notice.

With that in mind, I always have felt honesty is the best policy. I’m a person who shares far more than I should about my personal life, but it has never burned me, ever. Plus, I feel better when I’m not keeping secrets.

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