This Week in Travel: 06/17/13

Here’s what I found this week that I think is interesting, informative or inspirational. Enjoy!


Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do you what you love. – Adam Baker was a new father who decided the typical American dream wasn’t for him. This is how he got out of thousands of dollars of debt to travel to Australia for a year with his family.

Allegiant Airlines Passengers Sing R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ After Spending Hours On Tarmac – What do you do when you’re stuck on a plane with no air conditioning and the outside temperature is 108 degrees? You sing R. Kelly.

NASA Removes The Ice From Antarctica For Our Best View Of The Continent Yet – NASA has used satellites and lasers to produce images of the terrain underneath the Antarctic ice sheet. It offers some of the most detailed images of the rugged earth underneath the snow and ice.


One Ocean, One Breath – Euesbio and Christina Saenz de Santamaria are record-holding free-divers. For those who don’t know, that’s diving without scuba equipment. Their Web site has news, pictures and videos.

Blackboard Adventures, Photos of Newborn Babies in Imaginative Chalkboard Scenes – This has no travel value whatsoever, but if you like cute babies, then this link is for you.


8 hotel fees that may surprise you – If you check in early, there’s a fee for that. Read this link to find out how else hotels rack up your bill.

52 Ways to Earn Frequent Flier Miles and Points – People ask me how I saved up money to travel. These are a few ways to get the airlines to pay for your travel expenses. Yes, they work. I used my frequent flier miles for a free flight ($50 with taxes and fees) from Guatemala City to Montreal.

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Trip and How to Avoid Them – It’s always a good idea to do an idiot check before you leave for a big trip. These are some of the big ones to remember, like remembering to provide proof of onward travel.

The World’s Cheapest Cities – I can attest for the cheapness of Bangkok compared to the United States. If you’re location independent or want to travel somewhere for a long time, consider this Top 10 list.

A Foodie Tour of South American Food – Steak and pork in Argentina. Guinea pig and chocolate in Peru. Reading this article makes my mouth water, as well as being jealous of anyone who’s dined on the cuisine in South America.

8 Most Beautiful Islands in Belize – I’ll be honest. If you want beauty, don’t go to Caye Caulker like this article suggests (There are other reasons to go, which you can read here); however, many of these other islands are stunning and great for a romantic getaway.

Taiwan offers free wi-fi to all foreign tourists – If you bring your smartphone or a laptop with you on your travel, this is a good thing to remember if you visit Taiwan.

Have you seen any good videos, pictures or articles lately? Share below.

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