8 Travel Stories You’d Rather Read Than Work Today

I’m starting a new series where I post every Monday morning the best travel videos and stories I’ve read over the week (in this case, weekend). Yes, I know you should be working, but it is Monday after all, and let’s face it, they suck.

The Videos

Packing Like a Pro – Want to know how to cram an arsenal of clothing into a backpack. Watch this video.

The Naked Walk of Shame – I don’t care if this video apparently surfaced in February. I found this today and laughed my ass off when I saw this guy lock himself out of his hotel room naked, then have to explain the situation to the front desk.

Couchsurfing: Much More Than a Couch – If you need a reason to know why Couchsurfing is awesome …

Video: A Time-Lapse Tour of Shanghai – This is one of the most amazing time-lapses I’ve ever seen.

Trans-Siberian Railway – Peter Bragiel of InTransit is one of my favorite vloggers. He finds interesting people wherever he travels, in this case: the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. He’s already five videos into this latest series. I’ve linked to the first video here.

The Pictures

Koala Cutness in South Oz – You have to be crazy to not think a koala is cute. Dave and Deb from The Planet D share some of their favorites here.

The Articles

The 23 strangest habits you’ll pick up after living in 23 different countries – Benny the Irish Polyglot has been traveling the world for 10 years, and he’s taken a custom from several countries where he’s lived with him. I can agree with a few things on this list.

50 Things to do for Free in North America – If you’re on a budget and trying to find something to do for free in the United States or Canada, check out this article. I can recommend the Bellagio Fountain Show in Vegas, the Mission Beach Boardwalk in San Diego and Mont Royal Park in Montreal (You can see my pictures from San Diego here, or my French Language Hacking Video from Mont Royal here.).

Enjoy your Monday! And if you stumble upon any cool travel stories, videos or pictures, let me know by commenting below.

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