Coming back home

Wichita – Pre-Trip

I have to say that it feels quite weird to be back home after seven weeks on the road. The time has certainly been a whirlwind full of adventure, great people, haggling and life lessons.

Las Vegas – Last week of trip

The bloggers I subscribe to say that travel teaches people about themselves. This can’t be more spot on. My nerves kicked in several times when I tried to skateboard down the parking garage in La Jolla. They went away when I finally got the hang of it, then came back after I went over a bump on the first floor and fell on my butt and hand. I got a scrape, but it was worth it.

I nearly died while hiking Camelback Mountain. Still, I was able to get through my dehydration with the help of other hikers. Then I endured the ridicule of the park ranger when I sat recovering at the base. But the experience was worth it.

I pushed through the stereotypes that everyone told me about taking a Greyhound bus, going to Oakland and Couchsurfing. Nothing bad happened to me. In fact, aside from having words with a DJ at an art gallery opening in Orange County, every person who I met on this trip was warm and welcoming. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in Central America.


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