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8 Travel Stories You’d Rather Read Than Work Today

I’m starting a new series where I post every Monday morning the best travel videos and stories I’ve read over the week (in this case, weekend). Yes, I know you should be working, but it is Monday after all, and let’s face it, they suck. The Videos Packing Like a Pro – Want to know […]

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My friend Dillon plays chess at the Black Cat Hostel in Antigua, Guatemala.

Working While Traveling: Bartending at a Hostel

The last thing that I wanted to think about when I started traveling was working, but it’s an easy way to keep more money in your pocket and get to now a city better. “It didn’t feel like a job. I was working five hours a day and drinking the rest,” my friend Dillon McCord […]

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June Plans in Saigon

In two days I leave for Vietnam, but this is going to be one part of my journey that is departing from my norm. Instead of traversing the entire country and staying in places for a few days, I plan to live in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) for a month. After traveling for nine months, […]

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