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LifeofaBackpacker's Ringing in 2013 album on Photobucket

New Year’s in San Pedro, Guatemala

What a wild night! Tourists from Guatemala, Spain, the United States, Canada, South Africa and all over the world were in San Pedro la Laguna last night to ring in 2013. Central America loves its fireworks. As I write this, I hear people setting off some of the louder ones. Last night, was no different. […]

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LifeofaBackpacker's Lake Atitlan album on Photobucket

Views of Lake Atitlán from Panajachel

I spent two days staying at a Japanese hostel on the outskirts of Panajachel. The city is the largest on the shores of Lake Atitlán. While some people choose to skip Pana altogether for San Pedro or San Marcos, I chose to see what I could find on the shores of the public beach.

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LifeofaBackpacker's Parque Central album on Photobucket

Christmas Lights in Antigua’s Parque Central

It’s felt like Christmas in Central America for the past couple of weeks, but it certainly feels a bit more like it in Antigua, Guatemala. In Parque Central (Central Park), Christmas lights are wrapped around the trees. The backdrop of the surrounding light from street lamps and the sounds of water from the fountains create […]

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LifeofaBackpacker's Berkeley album on Photobucket

Students of Berkeley

When I first arrived in Berkeley, I walked straight to the campus. Students were moving to their next class, and the bells from Sather Tower sounded. I headed to Sproul Plaza, which is an area for student groups and organizers trying to recruit volunteers or spectators for their events. But I also found a group […]

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LifeofaBackpacker's Balboa Park album on Photobucket

Dog Days in Balboa Park

While I was in San Diego, I spent half of the day walking through Balboa Park. My personal walking tour started off of 6th Avenue and Juniper Road where I saw several people walking their dogs. I made my east along El Prado, snapping pictures of bikers, California Tower and the Bea Evenson Fountain. It […]

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